“I am so grateful to Gordon for writing this book!”
Sandy Wilson
D. Min.

Does God know our home flooded?

Does He care that my loved one died?

Does He know I’ve been downsized?

Did He hear the diagnosis my doctor gave me?

If you find yourself asking questions like these, Job’s story can inspire the hope you need to hold on. Job voices gut-check questions about God’s fairness. He teaches us to listen for God in an emotionally authentic way. He models a path through tragedy and into transformed life, by pointing us toward a new vantage point.

In this timely, practical book, you’ll walk with Job and with twenty-first-century people through moments of questioning and crisis:

  • Mike and Andrea as they clean up after Hurricane Katrina
  • Melissa as she faces the death of her husband
  • Carl as he overcomes mental illness
  • And many more people just like you

Reflect on how strong, biblical faith—not Pollyanna denial, but grounded trust in God—sustains each one through tragic circumstances. See how, like Job, real people today have been transformed by suffering—through an encounter with Job’s God.

Because Job recovers, so can you!


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